Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pet Peeves

Yesterday I was shopping and made a purchase that came to $8.48 cents.  I handed the cashier a twenty and I told her I had the change.  Within a few SECONDS I was trying to hand her my change and she was handing me back $11.52 and telling me she already made change.  I told her, "I guess you didn't hear me" to which she replied, "I'm just trying to be speedy".  Really?!  It angered me a little bit like road rage!  I really didn't understand why I got so mad but it was very irritating.  If I would of paid with a credit card it would of taken longer yet she couldn't seem to wait for me to count out 48 cents?  Seems that the greater percentage of young people today do not even know how to make change.  I can't tell you how many times I try to give them a penny so I won't get 9 cents back off some change and they will say, "oh, I already put it in (meaning the cash register)".   wow. 

Okay, while I'm venting out of frustration, here's another one.   Who leaves their cart in the parking lot next to other people's cars?  I have seen people do this that are parked less than 2 spots away from a cart corral.  Lazy or what?!  I watched this family of 6, with kids all over what looked like the age of 7 and above.  They load up their SUV and then leave this cart next to this person's red car!  What a fine example they are setting for their children.  #1 to be lazy, #2 to not respect other people's property.  When my husband came out and I told him about it he told me he thinks that was the same people who ate inside the store and then laid all their trash on the floor and told their kids that someone was getting paid to pick it up.  Crazy people!  I bet they are the same family that leaves their dogs in the car on hot day too! 

I'm done.  Sorry.  I feel much better having voiced my frustration!