Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pet Peeves

Yesterday I was shopping and made a purchase that came to $8.48 cents.  I handed the cashier a twenty and I told her I had the change.  Within a few SECONDS I was trying to hand her my change and she was handing me back $11.52 and telling me she already made change.  I told her, "I guess you didn't hear me" to which she replied, "I'm just trying to be speedy".  Really?!  It angered me a little bit like road rage!  I really didn't understand why I got so mad but it was very irritating.  If I would of paid with a credit card it would of taken longer yet she couldn't seem to wait for me to count out 48 cents?  Seems that the greater percentage of young people today do not even know how to make change.  I can't tell you how many times I try to give them a penny so I won't get 9 cents back off some change and they will say, "oh, I already put it in (meaning the cash register)".   wow. 

Okay, while I'm venting out of frustration, here's another one.   Who leaves their cart in the parking lot next to other people's cars?  I have seen people do this that are parked less than 2 spots away from a cart corral.  Lazy or what?!  I watched this family of 6, with kids all over what looked like the age of 7 and above.  They load up their SUV and then leave this cart next to this person's red car!  What a fine example they are setting for their children.  #1 to be lazy, #2 to not respect other people's property.  When my husband came out and I told him about it he told me he thinks that was the same people who ate inside the store and then laid all their trash on the floor and told their kids that someone was getting paid to pick it up.  Crazy people!  I bet they are the same family that leaves their dogs in the car on hot day too! 

I'm done.  Sorry.  I feel much better having voiced my frustration!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My son is getting married.

I am happy and excited to say that my oldest child is getting married!  He has found a wonderful girl too.  I have been inspired to start painting.  I will post my recent paintings soon. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Change is Coming

I know I have made some personal changes lately by leaving my job of 18 years.  But, even with that being said I just feel that things are about to get very different.  For starters, I lost my cat and my dog and now only have one pet left...Ali, my cat.  Then at my new job the practice manager who was also the doctor's wife (they co-owned their vet clinic) died suddenly.  I hardly had a chance to know her.  My son picked up and moved to Texas for a girl and they are already talking marriage.  My mother in law has been having chest pains and although everything checked out okay, she still has a stress test to do which I think will be a miracle if she passes that.  I'm taking a dear friend of mine to see an oncologist today.  She has 5 kids and just found out she has multiple tumors on her ovaries. 

I don't know if it's all the loss lately but I just feel like I have been so lucky to have not had a lot of that in my life in the past and maybe my luck has run out a bit.  I know better than to worry, it's just a feeling things are changing, and will continue to change.  God, does indeed, work in mysterious ways.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How I am

Today is Wednesday.  It is my day off.  I'm missing Valentine as we would spend much of the day together.  Yesterday I broke down sobbing because I dropped a cheese ball on the floor!  Val would of got that.  Those things make me sad as corny as they sound.  I have decided to make a photo book of her for myself and each one of my kids.  Just going through ALL the pictures has made me feel better.  She had to have been the most photographed dog ever! I wish I was creative enough to write a book about her to share with the world- she was one that should be shared with the world, I know that.  

I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent our way.  Jim and I feel so blessed to #1- have had her for so long and #2 to have such great friends and family that truely understand our pain. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good-Bye Valentine

My best little Valentine went to heaven tonight.  She was 17 years & 7 months & 9 days old.  We were very blessed to have her in our lives as long as we did.  She will leave a void in our home and hearts. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Mommy Charms! My latest creation:

What makes my charms so different than others out there?  Well for starters, the pearl is the baby's birthstone.  The tissue paper behind the pooh quote is from his baby shower gift packaging.  The sparkly paper behind Thurman & behind the baby's photo is from a gift sack from the baby shower AND the initials TJ are stamped onto a section of white ribbon from yet another shower gift!  I also hand twisted wire for the tops of the charms for a prettier  look.
Keepsakes forever!  If your interested in having me create something like this for you or someone you know please send me a message in my Etsy shop:  Simple Subtleties

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Life- wow!

I was just looking through my photos trying to find a picture and remembered that I did a blog story using said photo.  So I went to Picasa where all blogger photos live (if you don't know it and you delete your Picasa pictures from your blogger folder you will be deleting them from your blog as well!  Blogger beware!)

Anyway, to get back on track....I opened the folder and began to scan down the NUMEROUS photos that I have uploaded to this blog and it really kinda hit me.  *Sigh*  Memories *Sigh*  What a wonderful life I am living!  I don't even remember all the stories but I loved looking through the photos and it made me feel inspired and really quite proud of my life's journey.

I have since quit my job of 18 years and began a new job, still as a registered veterinary technician but without all the stress and stress and stress (did I mention stress?!).  I can not even tell you what a difference it has made in my life.  I feel free.  In fact, I'm working less hours so I am more free! 

I hope to get to where I can make more of a living with my photos and my art.  It all takes time, energy and inspiration and I feel like I'm getting there.  Stay tuned. my blog has suffered as a result of being in a rut and now that I've found my way out of that I hope to keep this journey going. 

I have to share my latest picture of my grandson.  I have been spending more time with Colton and I love this photo.  He is getting big!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life Changes

Sorry for the measly post lately.  I have not deducted much time to my blog and it shows.  I hope to do better as I really hope to have more time. 

I've worked for the same Veterinarian for 18 years and I have given my notice.  I'm ready to simplify my life.  I want less stress, something part time and closer to home.  I want to have the time and the energy to walk and exercise more, I want to be able to help out with my grandson more so my step daughter can work and get on top of her bills better. I want to take pictures and promote them.  I have a goal to have a gallery showing within one year.  I have NO clue how to do that so if your reading my blog and have some advise for me I would truly welcome it. 

In the meantime I'm taking a short vacation/CE in Washington D.C.  Going there is one thing on my Bucket List I can cross off.  I'm super excited and hope for an amazing time.  My mom and step dad and husband will be going with me as well.  I hope to post a few pics when I get back.  Until then, happy May!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Thank you for a fun first year!  I'm having a 25% off sale in celebration of my 1 year anniversary of having my own Etsy store! 

Click on this link to take you to the Etsy on Sale page for my store Simple Subtleties or click:

Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm unsure what I want to do with my Etsy store.  I have been contemplating getting rid of anything and everything that does not have to do with photos, photography or art.  I'm just bored and my sales have slowed down and honestly, I love taking pictures and I have sooooo many that if I spent the time on them I could post them for sale.  My shop's one year anniversary is coming up April 15.  I think I may have a big sale to get rid of some stock.  I'll keep you posted! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

R.I.P. Little Missy

Almost 18 years ago my husband and I were visiting my sister Debbie.  She had this little tiny black kitten that had been rescued from inside a barn wall.  It needed a home. The kitten was too young to be away from her mother but was eating wet food for my sister by "nursing" it. That, by the way,  made a huge mess as she would cover all her feet as she kneaded it and face as she sucked the wet food!

There was a small boy in the home that would pick this kitten up by her little tail and just really had no compassion at all for handling the little thing.  My husband who has never wanted "inside" pets took pity on it and told me I could take her home.  I told him I didn't want her unless she could be an inside cat.  After about 10 more minutes of watching this little boy mishandle her he gave in and we owned a cat!

We named her Little Missy because she was so tiny.  She has been a great pet over the years.  She always slept in bed with me and my husband for about the first 5 years we had her.  Then I crazily brought home another kitten for the kids at Christmas time.  She resented that very much and held a grudge.  She absolutely hated Ali and never got over the fact that we got another cat.  He would bully her like crazy too so that didn't help their relationship any.  She left my bedroom and began sleeping with my oldest son Cory.  She was Cory's cat for the next 10 years.  Then he moved out for college and she moved in to the next oldest child's room, our daughter Brandi.  She wouldn't even sleep with Cory when he came back for weekends or holidays.  Like I said, she could hold a grudge.  Brandi was only a year younger than Cory so when she moved out Missy moved on to James our youngest son.  She slept with him until he moved his bedroom to the basement and then the only reason she didn't still sleep with him is because we kept the basement door closed so the cats couldn't get down there.  This forced her to become my cat again. 

I have to admit, I missed her little tiny feet on my face.  She loved to stretch out and touch your face lovingly as she snuggled with you.  She was really a smart cat too.  We would not allow her on the table or kitchen counter tops.  She would sit at the dinner table with us when she was younger and sit up with her front feet on the table and wait for crumbs.  If someone dropped something near her she would paw it off into the chair and eat it.  Once she got a urinary tract infection.  I had no idea she was sick with it as cat litter tends to hide the color of their urine.  She jumped up into the sink one morning while I was getting ready for work and began peeing in the sink right in front of me!  At first, I was like, "OMG are you peeing?!" Then I realized it was bloody and understood she was trying to tell me something was wrong.  She was never mean, although once we had a friend of ours house sit for us and when she came over to feed the cats Missy jump on her leg and held on attacking her.  I still chuckle at the thought of this, our little Missy, so brave.  As she got older she got arthritis and began using the doggie steps to get on and off our bed,  I highly recommend them to anyone with older pets in the home.

I wish she would of just got old and passed away but she got sick.  It really broke my heart today to have to put this little gal to sleep.  I cuddled the morning away with her and said my good-byes.  I hated to take her to the vet.  She hated that place and even when she was healthy would make herself sick after each vet visit.  She would just get so stressed out.  I work there and I would have to get the leather gloves out to handle my own cat at times because she just turned into this devil cat at the vet!  I have to say, the thought of smothering her with a pillow to end her suffering and not cause any further stress with a vet visit crossed my mind.  In the end, we made the drive.  I waited while they placed a i.v. catheter for the euthanasia solution to pass through. Maybe I should of stayed with her but I just thought things would go better if I was not there to make anyone nervous.   She was bad for that and they had to use a little gas anesthesia to get her to hold still.  I don't know if she would of been calmer with me present or not at that point.  She was struggling to breath and restraining her for a catheter would not of been something she wanted to deal with.  They brought her back to me still half out of it from the anesthesia so I held her until she was feeling back to normal. 

We talked.  I told her who to look up when she got to heaven and to wait for me.  Then the doctor came in and gave her the injection thru the i.v. catheter port.   This went peacefully and she died in my arms.  I left her there to be cremated and I'll get her cremains back in a week or so.  I will get a little kitty urn to put them in and sit them somewhere sunny. 

It was a very sad day and hard to say good bye to such a part of our family.  I just wanted to write something to help my heart heal and to let the world know what a blessing this little creature was to our lives.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I've been thinking lately about simplifying my life.  I have a lot of crap.  I'm not a hoarder....yet.  But close.  I have begun to post some vintage items on my Etsy store just to clear out.  Things are nice but memories are better and I have decided to sell many of my things in the hopes of going to France. 

I like the things I have that have a memory attached to them.  Like my Grandma's cow cookie jar.  It's not really my Grandma's but the act of love my mother went through to get it for me is unbelievable and now it means more to me than the my Grandma's would at this point. 

My big problem is I love to go rubbish collecting.  I even love to say the word.  Rubbish.  It's such a fun word and just rolls off my lips.  Maybe it's my English heritage.  I can't get enough of auctions, garage sales, junk stores, etc.  I think the memories I have of junk collecting rank right up there with some of my best times.  Maybe because I'm never alone in the act.  My friends or family seem to enjoy it almost as much as I do. 

Even as a young girl, my best friend and I used to go into vacant old homes and see what was left behind.  We would scour the local dump for things we didn't consider "trash" but someone threw out.  We had a ball!  Who at age 8 has an antique collection?!  Too bad we didn't keep our stuff from back then!  Maybe it would be worth some whopping number and I wouldn't have to get rid of all my rubbish to fund a trip to France after all.  Then again, my point of simplifying would never happen either.  Oh rubbish!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Latest Creation

This sold before I could post it to my Etsy store but I wanted to share.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Further proof my cats love me....

Today I found this little tuft of hair shaped like a heart made of cat hair.  Kinda gross, yet kinda sweet, wouldn't you say?  This is a photo of the front and back. How long do you think it took them to make that for me?  Long hours, up late into the night I suppose.....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow and Train Whistles

This morning I was awoken by my little dog like every morning.  Actually it was the 3rd time she had gotten me out of bed to let her out.  I joke that she is wearing me down to take me with her when she goes to heaven someday.  It was after I was up this 3rd and final time that I realized there was the sound of the train whistle in the far distance and the beautiful blanket of snow on the ground.  We have had several inches (now starting to look like a few feet) of snow for days now, but this morning was the first time that I really took in all the peace and beauty it holds.  Snow is wonderful if you don't have to be out in it.    There is something soothing about a train whistle also.  Snow and the train whistle just kind of go together well.  That is, if you don't live right next to the RR tracks.  We did when we first got married.  I swear it took YEARS off my life.  The train would come through town and BLAIR that horn and sometimes I would hop up on the bed (actually on the mattress, thinking I was on the floor) ready to run.  My husband always woke up in the nik of time and said, "Stacey, your standing up in bed, lay down before you get hurt".  The train would torment me like this at least 3-4 times a night. 

I would just like to state for the record....if I die from heart disease it will be the trains fault. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Facts about Me

I love to sleep with the windows open and the fan on. Nothing is better than a cool breeze.

I cry when I'm angry

I collect.

I like to learn and try new things.

Shopping has always been a form of therapy for me.

I have faith in God.

I'm allergic to penicillin and codeine

My head spins all the time with ideas.

I love to travel.

I miss riding in the back of a pick up truck.

My dogs have been Buddy, Poochie, Duke and Valentine

I wanted to be a teacher or a veterinarian.

I am a Registered Veterinary Technician.

I don't feel my age.

I really like pie crust.

I worry about my children.

I'm deeply in love with my husband.

I like to fish (but don't like baiting my hook or taking the fish off)

I'm drawn to water.

I have trouble staying up late.

I get my feelings hurt easily.

I was a single mom for 6 years.

I loved school and still have many friends from those days.

I have NEVER liked liver or onions

I love history and antiques

I am the family historian

I take a ton of photographs

I've had a crush on Clint Eastwood since 2nd grade.

I want to be a world traveler!

I wish I was a cowgirl

I have really ugly feet

My cats have been Sebastian, Benji, Lamar, Missy, and Ali

I want to move one more time in my lifetime.

I think snow is pretty to look at but I don't like to be out in it.

I have pretty handwriting (which I get from my mom)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting So Big!

I love being a Grandma!  Colton is so funny at this age.  He is still not walking but climbing everything.  Climbed out of his crib already!  What does that say about a child?  They climb before they walk? 

I'm ready for him to start saying real words so I can repeat those cute little sayings that come out of the mouths of babes. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Check out my interview!

I think this lady's blog will really take off!  She is very professional and organized with great ideas.  Here is a link to my interview on her blog.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How the year is going so far....

Here we are already mid-January 2011 and this is my life so far.
  • Working ALOT, too much really! Between my full time job as a Registered Veterinary Technician/Manager and my Etsy store and just keeping the house clean (well, picked-up) I feel like I'm moving constantly!  We have been fairly busy at work too which is unusual for winter so I should consider myself lucky.  At least I am employed at a stable business. 
  • I'm day 9 now without my usual caffeine.  I decided to get rid of it and honestly, I do feel better.  Not as achy.  I had a headache for 3 straight days when I stopped! That stuff can't be good for us!  I still crave an occasional soda or tea but I am doing well and saving money.  I don't really want the non-caffeine drinks as much so I'm not buying one every morning on my way to work.  Saving about a $1 per day so far. 
  • My oldest son talked to me about moving back home.  We love having an empty nest.  Our kids are 25,24,21.  I told him there would be some ground rules AND that I would want a plan, and a date of when he would be moving out. Like 3 months or 6 months.  He didn't like all this and got defensive and said, "There are other people I can live with".  I just calmly said, "Well Okay then."  He needs to start acting like a grown up.  Right now, it's still all about the party.  Honestly, these days, he makes me crazy.
  • I've been babysitting my 16 month old grandson on almost all my free time off.  He is still not walking or talking but he was a late crawler too.  I have a ton of fun with him.  He is kissing now and you know Grandma loves that!
  • Found out I am taking wedding photographs in April.  I really HATE taking wedding photographs.  I guess because I don't feel like I am the best with a camera when it comes to important action shots.  I can get some great shots when I'm playing around or of staged things like senior pics, engagement, etc.  It's those "moment" pictures that people count on that scare the hell out of me.  What if I miss the kiss?  Then what?  What if I lose all the pictures before they get their copies?  Too many what if's.  It's family so I feel forced into it, which actually I was...I told them no several times and they kept saying you will do fine and you will save them so much money and they just pretended I never said no.  I should learn to be more assertive in 2011.
  • Speaking of photography I really, really want to raise the money and go on this trip.  It looks amazing!  It is also very expensive (for my budget but I don't think for what your getting).  I have a year.  Maybe if my Etsy shop does SUPER DUPER well?  There is always hope.  :)
  • In Missouri we are having a mild winter.  It's cold but no snow or rain really.  This winter does not seem as depressing as last winter at least! 68 days till spring I think.
  • Jim and I have seen 2 movies this year.  Tron and The Fighter.  I really like The Fighter but sometimes it was hard to understand what they were saying. 
That is all for the 9 days of 2011.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something important.  I do hope to blog more as I let my blog suffer last year, but no promises!  It's too early in the New Year and I really am bad at resolutions! 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Valentine is 17 years old today!!  Happy Birthday to my old dog and Happy New Year that she is still doing great~ just a puppy with a sore back and a hobble but otherwise a great sport at still playing dress up for my camera.  xxoo to all our fans.  May you have many smiles in 2011 and even more blessings.