Monday, March 29, 2010

Valentine mischief

Yesterday Valentine pee'd on the floor THREE times!  I don't know what is with her.  She has went forever without doing this.  Thru all the snow and nasty weather even! Now Spring is approaching and she is urinating inside?  I don't get it.  Guess I'll have to get a urinalysis on her and make sure she is not getting sick.  My carpet will be ruined at that rate.  My husband has a heart attack at ONE time so I've managed to clean up and hide the last 2 incidences so we don't have to watch his conniption fit. lol  At least we put a pet proof pad under our carpet when we built the house as I knew my pets would all be geriatrics soon and I foreseen this problem. (almost 20 years of experience listing to others complain about potty problems I guess!)

I've been keeping her right beside me today.  The mischievous thing is I have never, ever caught the little prankster in the act.  She follows me around like a shadow all the time but somehow still manages to occasionally wet on the floor. And I swear she goes out a 1000 times a day and has always drove us crazy that way!  When we are not home she stays in my bedroom and has never once wet on the floor in there. I know she is old but she still acts like a pup most the time so I'm not going to let her blame it on her age.  ha.  We'll see if I agree when I'm that old.  I even ask my kids to take their shoes off before walking on the least they don't pee on it!!  I feel better for venting anyway, thanks for listening!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Burlap Pillows

My good friend has a son that works for a local coffee company called The Roasterie.  They are a fairly small coffee company that is here locally in the Kansas City, MO area.  The Roasterie offer tours and me and my group of friends took the tour and learned so much about coffee.  It's very interesting and I highly recommend it if your in this area visiting.  They also have really great art on their marketing and products.  I got a couple of their burlap coffee bean bags and created some pillows for a friend of mine that actually works for Starbucks.  She loved them!  I made 3 pillows so these are photos of front and back and also a couple of photos of the bags in the warehouse.  I have to say the 1st pillow almost did me in.  I broke 3 sewing machine needles and it took well over an hour.  I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and purchased some heavy duty needles.  I also discovered that the sewing tape I used on the first pillow I should NOT of tried to sew thru.  Oops!  Don't ever do that, it leads to huge frustrations! No wonder I had so many problems.  My last 2 took me 20-30 minutes each pillow to finish. I need to get better at the hand stitching if I ever decide to create some to sell but otherwise I really like these burlap pillows.  I am sure I will be making a few more of these for future gifts.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Material Things

I have a tiny few material things in my life that make it so much easier.  I thought I'd share them with you in case you could use one or more of my findings.
  1. Blank journal:  I keep a journal beside my computer and write down web addresses and my user name or log in information and passwords.
  2. Dyson Hand Vacuum:  This is the best invention ever!  It is a beast, sweeping up anything I need it for but I mostly grab it for a cat hair cleaning mission on a daily basis.  It's not like regular hand vac's that lose power after the first 30-60 seconds.  It goes full steam ahead for a full 6 minutes and takes only an hour to recharge.  Empting the contents was never easier either!  I wish I could buy one for everyone....the downside-the price.  It is expensive and I see they have gone up almost $100.00 since I purchased mine 4 years ago.  I'd have to say, even with the price increase I'd buy another in a heartbeat if mine broke!
  3. Diaper Bag:  If you a photo enthusiasts like me then you want your camera with you when your traveling.  A diaper bag is a great way to keep it out of the eye of thieves.  I bought a lined one so it would be waterproof, and the little cubbies for bottles and whatnot's are perfect for lenses, filters, ect. I have left mine in plain sight in the car before and no one bothers it.  I've left it sit on the beach while I swim and no one messes with it.  Maybe I've just been very lucky but I've been using it for over 3-4 years now and it seems to work great, no one even questions where the baby is.  lol
That is my tiny list.  Enjoy your day! 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Signs of Spring

Val and I are thankful for warmer weather.  We know with spring comes the rain.  We got a short walk in even thou it was somewhat muddy.  Valentine was not to happy to have to have a bath directly after.  That mud really sticks in those little hairy toes!  I'm thankful she is small enough to bath in the kitchen sink.  My mom would say, "oh, yuck!".  I'm also thankful she is still my walking buddy after all these years.  You have to smile about that even if you don't agree with a dog bath in the kitchen sink.  :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy Heart

Jim and I seen the movie tonight and I really like it.  He was grossed out that a young "hottie" would go for such an older, not all put together, man which was kinda funny.  I really like Jeff Bridges and I'm so glad he won for his role in this movie.  I loved it.  I liked the music too but I like so many different types of music. 

We both really like to watch movies, whether they are on the big screen or on a DVD, TV, etc.  I often think about them afterwards. Sometimes they disturb me.   Sometimes I smile and wish everyone's life could seem so easy.  Sometimes I think of what I would of done differently to make the movie better. lol.  Tonight after we left the show I was thinking...this movie was really pretty true to life.  Women do often go for that kinda guy.  One they know will be horrible for them.  And why is it that some dad's don't have anything to do with their own children but act like someone else's child is a real treasure.  His character had not talked to his son in 24 years, made one phone call and the son didn't want to meet so that was it.  Then he gave the girlfriend a big'o whappin' check to give her son when he turned 18.  Just weird our world works like that sometimes.  Maybe that's why they called this movie Crazy Heart?? 

Monday, March 8, 2010

My art/sewing/craft room is finished!!

Art work in the black frame & the canvas on top of it by Gail Burton. *hugs*
Framed cat art by Joanne May *hugs*
Oil painting above my sewing machine by my sister Debbie!  a wedding gift *smooch*
Sister quilt by my sister Shannon!  *smooch*
Room by my hottie hubby *all my heart~ and kisses*
Happiness charm by ME *I love my life*   Thanks to all who are in it!  *super hugs*
And thanks to God *big bear hug*

Sunday, March 7, 2010

VooDoo Hex is lifted!

Now that my VooDoo Hex has been prayed away and winter is warming it's way into Spring I can find my blogger voice once again!  Plus my art room is done and I'll soon post pics and possibly create something even! I'm ready, Time willing....

I believe Mr. C will have blue eyes.  They are starting to show the slightest hint.  And he is teething.  He still has the Hitler hairstyle.  Or Squiggy from Lavern & Shirley  lol(tv sitcom).  His mommy says she is not cutting his hair until after his 1st birthday.  That could get interesting, especially if it's a fast grower.  I love this picture, he looks like he is going to whistle!  "Pssssst, where's my bottle?"
On another note I visited the Home & Garden Show in Kansas City last weekend.  Dr. Lori was there.  She is an antique appraiser.  She gave some good advise.  Did you know that anyone can be an antique appraiser?  Even you or I!  You don't have to have any special education or degrees and you don't have to even take a test.  You just pay your money and boom...your in a new line of work as an antique appraiser.  Well, as you can imagine a lot of folks are losing money because of this.  She is trying to change the laws so not just anyone can appraise antiques.  Dr. Lori has a masters in Art History and she used to do museum work.  She quit to go around and just educate people on what they have.  She said she went to a garage sale and a woman had a platinum with real gem stones ring for sale for $10.  She went to the lady and told her what she had and said it's worth $5000.  The lady said, "no it's not, it's costume jewelry".  lol.  She was convinced before the day was over.  I took an old art picture I have that was my Grandma's to her appraisal show.  I found out it's only worth $30, a very old dot matrix print.  If you look thru a loop you can see the dots. Dots are not good for collecting art I guess.  Who knew? She has a website if you want to sign up for her newsletter.  She showcases finds from on-line places that are posting things of value really cheap. 
It was an interesting show anyway.  If she comes to your town I recommend you go and take something for her to appraise.  It was free and it was fun! 

Thanks for hanging in here with me!  You guys are great!  I've been trying to catch  up on all the reading of blogs I've missed over the last couple of weeks.  Wonderful inspiration BTW. :)