Monday, June 20, 2011

My Life- wow!

I was just looking through my photos trying to find a picture and remembered that I did a blog story using said photo.  So I went to Picasa where all blogger photos live (if you don't know it and you delete your Picasa pictures from your blogger folder you will be deleting them from your blog as well!  Blogger beware!)

Anyway, to get back on track....I opened the folder and began to scan down the NUMEROUS photos that I have uploaded to this blog and it really kinda hit me.  *Sigh*  Memories *Sigh*  What a wonderful life I am living!  I don't even remember all the stories but I loved looking through the photos and it made me feel inspired and really quite proud of my life's journey.

I have since quit my job of 18 years and began a new job, still as a registered veterinary technician but without all the stress and stress and stress (did I mention stress?!).  I can not even tell you what a difference it has made in my life.  I feel free.  In fact, I'm working less hours so I am more free! 

I hope to get to where I can make more of a living with my photos and my art.  It all takes time, energy and inspiration and I feel like I'm getting there.  Stay tuned. my blog has suffered as a result of being in a rut and now that I've found my way out of that I hope to keep this journey going. 

I have to share my latest picture of my grandson.  I have been spending more time with Colton and I love this photo.  He is getting big!

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