Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I've been having fun on Pinterest.  I created a board called "My Bucket List".  I thought it would be fun to pin stuff that I would like to do someday.  It has been fun and it's no where near being done and hopefully I'll have LOTS of time to try to complete it. 

The thing is, working on it has really pointed out to me how much I have DONE with my life.  It's really amazing to stop and really consider.  I am so lucky to be so blessed. I am not wealthy or rich but to read this you would not know it... 

  • I have swam with the manatees
  • I have climbed Big Brutus' boom to the top
  • I have been to a drive in movie
  • Had an amazing first kiss
  • Seen the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
  • Seen one of the great lakes
  • Been to 19 of the 50 states
  • Taken a cruise
  • Seen turquoise ocean and white sand beaches
  • Learned to scuba dive
  • I have toured the capital of the United States
  • Rode a horse
  • Lost my heart to a dog over and over again
  • Lost my heart to a cat if you can believe that
  • Found true love
  • Witnessed springtime waterfalls on Mt. Rainer
  • Vacationed with loved ones
  • Got married
  • Had a child
  • Raised a family
  • Had a sunset sailboat ride
  • Relaxed in a hammock
  • Watched my grandchild learn to walk
  • Learned to paint
  • Seen the view from an airplane
  • Rode rollercoasters
  • Had a picnic
  • Owned a home
  • Crowned once a queen and once a princess
  • sang karaoke
  • went canoeing
  • seen Hoover Dam
  • waded in a creek
  • went fishing
  • drank from a well
  • captured a moment with a photograph
I think of things all the time that I can keep adding to this list.  My mind just spins out the memories.

What would you call a list like this?  It's no longer a Bucket List, it never actually's just LIFE happening and going by so quickly that pretty soon you realize it could be someone's Bucket List and you were just lucky enough to have lived it and remember it.

Maybe it should be called "My Amazing Life List".  Start one today and see if it doesn't suddenly become longer than your Bucket List.

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  1. oooh, this looks great! i'll have to give this a try.


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