Monday, October 22, 2018


I know I have not posted in a very long time but this struck me funny and I wanted to share it and felt this was the best audience. 

So yesterday I felt pretty.  I had a good hair day, my make-up went on nicely for a change or so I thought.   I was wearing a brand new shirt and some shoes with a heel.  As a side note, I NEVER wear heels! I left my house early and told my husband good-bye.  No comment.  Went by my daughter's house to pick up my grandson, no comment.  Went to church.  No comments from anyone.  Met my brother and sister in law for lunch and then on to a demolition derby.  No comment all afternoon from them either and my sis is usually the first to notice a new shirt.  Ran into my other brother and his son.  No comment.   Back to church for an evening event.  Still no comments.  Came home and STILL no comment from the husband.  Then today my sister in law posts a picture of us at the derby and granted, I had a sweatshirt on because it was cold,  but oh my gosh! I look terribly big.  I AM the heaviest I have ever been in my life so there is that.  Guess I didn't look so hot yesterday after all.  Just wondering if anyone else ever feels like they are looking good and then realize maybe not so much?

Anyways,  it was a really wonderful day though.  Great weather, great family and friends, a fun derby and my church is pretty great too.  I did spend much of the day smiling & laughing.  I'm not delusional about all that at least. 
Me in the grey.

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