Sunday, June 13, 2010

Etsy advise

Some things I've learned this week from my Etsy store
  • I set up my store and gave my products some titles I liked.  Then I read some helpful tips for Etsy store owners and it said that it's better to not "name" items but describe them.  Well I followed that advise and my hits started going down.  The past couple weeks I didn't see much action.  So last night I changed back to my original idea and renamed most of my items back from just being "descriptive".  Well it worked!  I had a sale today.  This makes my fifth sale since mid April and to top it off she ordered 7 charms!  I love that!  I hope that people really like them once they have them in their hands as I would love to be there and see their faces when they get their package.
On another note, in life I've learned that a man having a sunburn is worse than a teething baby.  Sorry honey.  It's so true.  :)  Hope everyone has a happy Monday tomorrow!  Nic-thanks for catching up-hugs to you!

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