Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I just returned from the Southeast Veterinary Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It's a great continuing education for technicians, veterinarians, and practice managers. Of course part of the reason it is so wonderful is that it is right on the beach. Myrtle Beach is absolutely one of the best beaches I have ever been too. I love how the sand just gradually dips out into the Atlantic Ocean, no drop offs. It's not white sand and the water is not turquoise but it's all still very beautiful and calming. I didn't get to "vacation" as much as I would of liked since I was there on CE but I did learn some great things at CE and I got to do what I love (taking pictures) just not as much as usual. I only came home with under 400 shots. Usually, in a vacation situation I'll take 1000's. :) Here are a few of my favorites and I also took a couple that can be used in Photoshop for textures. Feel free to snag the texture photos at the end if you would like to use them in your own work. The other photos that are not labeled textures belong to me so please do not copy them. Enjoy!
ii Myrtle Beach 2010 002
Myrtle Beach 2010 188 I love the trees in South Carolina!  I didn’t get any of the Magnolia trees which are HUGE and so beautiful.  They were in bloom too- I could kick myself for not getting any pictures of them!!  The mossy oaks are beautiful and enchanting.  Check out our picnic site at the state park. 
Myrtle Beach 2010 192 A campground at Apache Pier.
The goat is just one of many from the carousel at Broadway at the Beach.Myrtle Beach 2010 142         Apache Pier
Myrtle Beach 2010 211 Springmaid PierMyrtle Beach 2010 226
Myrtle Beach 2010 240
Myrtle Beach 2010 245 Myrtle Beach 2010 262 Lightening from our balcony at the Sea Mist Resort
Myrtle Beach 2010 278 Murrells Inlet
Myrtle Beach 2010 319 The waves & a sunset.Myrtle Beach 2010 340Myrtle Beach 2010 356
 Myrtle Beach 2010 384 Family moment for someone…I wish my little dog Valentine could of came.  She has never seen the ocean.  I would of loved for the rest of my family to be there too.  Even my wicked, crazy sisters Debbie & Shannon. :)  (this photo is for you two!) Myrtle Beach 2010 260
Photos for textures in  Photoshop:
Myrtle Beach 2010 183
Myrtle Beach 2010 184
Myrtle Beach 2010 331
Myrtle Beach 2010 332

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