Saturday, September 4, 2010

25 things I would like to do today

  1. Go to the Sparks Antique and Flea Market (about 2 hours away from me but I have always wanted to go..)
  2. Go to Santi Cali Gon (local fesitval with carnival, crafts. music, and food)
  3. Go Camping
  4. Ride my bike
  5. Eat movie popcorn
  6. See my grandson
  7. Have a huge family picnic like the good ol' days
  8. Take some pictures
  9. Go to the zoo and use our groupon for the segways
  10. Create my latest idea
  11. Bake something yummy
  12. Wear my new hat
  13. Shop
  14. Package up an Etsy sale
  15. Open up all the windows and let the 72° breeze in the house
  16. Play loud music and dance
  17. Take a hike or a long walk
  18. Go fishing
  19. Go boating
  20. Take Valentine for a car ride with the windows down
  21. smile and or laugh
  22. sit around a fire
  23. hug someone I love
  24. Read a great book
  25. Pick some end of summer flowers and bring them inside
With a little thought and a dash of luck I may get a couple of these crossed off...however, the better part of this day will be spent working on stupid property investments that are being more trouble then we ever saw coming. 
Live and learn so you can live better! 

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