Sunday, September 26, 2010

Early morning thoughts.

My son turned 25 yesterday.  Weird to think he is already a quarter of a century old.  I hope that 25 is a turning point for him and he starts really taking his life seriously.  I know he would like to find "the one" and settle down but right now he is not in a good place to attract the best girl.  He has a good heart and is kind but can not manage his money what so ever and is still to into partying (which is probably the reason he has no money in the first place). 

It's just hard as a mother because you want the best for your children and sometime that is more than they even want for themselves.  I woke up this morning with him on my mind and just had to journal some thoughts.  If there can be a magic number, let 25 be it. :)

On another note- my grandson is having his 1st birthday party today (his actual birthday will not be until Wednesday).  1 is always a grand number, it has to be magical. 

Prayers and request for God's blessings for them all, it's the best I can do. 

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  1. Hang in there - I recently had the experience of praying for a specific thing for someone for nearly 18 months before there was movement - in HIS time, right? Prayer are going up for both!


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