Wednesday, October 27, 2010


original photo no adjustment made

 This all started on Christmas Eve in 2006.  We were at my mom's celebrating and my little great niece had just learned to walk and was practicing going up and down my mother's little steps.  I took this photograph of her backside because she just looked so tiny and cute.  The face that emerged in the photo was noticeable immediately on my digital camera.  The whole family was freaking out.  Once I got it home it was darker on my actual computer & didn't show up so well so I adjusted the levels in photoshop and it showed up even better than the first time I seen it. 
My mom thinks it's a total coincidence because she had a velvet dress on.  I think it was something bad.  You can definitely see facial features and either a wicked smile or scream.
  Tell me what you think? 

changed to b/w and adjusted lighting levels in photoshop

Levels adjusted but left in color

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