Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow and Train Whistles

This morning I was awoken by my little dog like every morning.  Actually it was the 3rd time she had gotten me out of bed to let her out.  I joke that she is wearing me down to take me with her when she goes to heaven someday.  It was after I was up this 3rd and final time that I realized there was the sound of the train whistle in the far distance and the beautiful blanket of snow on the ground.  We have had several inches (now starting to look like a few feet) of snow for days now, but this morning was the first time that I really took in all the peace and beauty it holds.  Snow is wonderful if you don't have to be out in it.    There is something soothing about a train whistle also.  Snow and the train whistle just kind of go together well.  That is, if you don't live right next to the RR tracks.  We did when we first got married.  I swear it took YEARS off my life.  The train would come through town and BLAIR that horn and sometimes I would hop up on the bed (actually on the mattress, thinking I was on the floor) ready to run.  My husband always woke up in the nik of time and said, "Stacey, your standing up in bed, lay down before you get hurt".  The train would torment me like this at least 3-4 times a night. 

I would just like to state for the record....if I die from heart disease it will be the trains fault. 

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