Friday, July 22, 2011

A Change is Coming

I know I have made some personal changes lately by leaving my job of 18 years.  But, even with that being said I just feel that things are about to get very different.  For starters, I lost my cat and my dog and now only have one pet left...Ali, my cat.  Then at my new job the practice manager who was also the doctor's wife (they co-owned their vet clinic) died suddenly.  I hardly had a chance to know her.  My son picked up and moved to Texas for a girl and they are already talking marriage.  My mother in law has been having chest pains and although everything checked out okay, she still has a stress test to do which I think will be a miracle if she passes that.  I'm taking a dear friend of mine to see an oncologist today.  She has 5 kids and just found out she has multiple tumors on her ovaries. 

I don't know if it's all the loss lately but I just feel like I have been so lucky to have not had a lot of that in my life in the past and maybe my luck has run out a bit.  I know better than to worry, it's just a feeling things are changing, and will continue to change.  God, does indeed, work in mysterious ways.

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