Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crafty Backs

I'm still having computer issues. I realized that our printer is not loaded back on here yet so I can't print anything or scan anything into my computer or make copies. Which really means trying to find the software to re-load it~truly that is the real problem here. Lack of organization and/or time. Plus I still have not loaded my PS back on this new hard drive & I've lost a ton of photos unless my hubby can figure a way to get them back off the bad hard drive..
This is all an inconvenience to my create side!

In the meantime, I thought I'd post a couple of tips to make your backs feel better. I have been seeing a physical therapist for 2 degenerative disk in my lower back and she has helped me so much with some simple corrections and some exercises. I can't really explain the exercises but I can tell you these posturing tips she gave me are worth a million dollars!

Tip #1: Always stand on 2 feet with out shifting your weight to one side or the other. Women tend to "throw" our hips to the right or left and its terrible for your lower back! When my back pain starts creeping back I will realize I'm standing with all my weight on one foot and my hip to one side. As soon as I correct the pain starts going away!
Tip #2: When you walk try not to wiggle your butt! (I know! I know! )That shake or sway is very hard on your lower back. Concentrate on using your butt muscles to walk so your rear end is not swaying from side to side. When you first do this it will feel like your walking like a zombie or something but it will become more natural. Once again, if I start having a spasm while walking it is usually because I forgot this rule and when I correct my stance my back pain eases up.
Tip #3: Keep your stomach muscle sucked in at all times, even when "resting". It will become 2nd nature and you won't have to think about it so much but you have to get them working or they will get very weak (like mine have done) and then they put extra strain on your lower back. My back is already so much better without any shots or surgery just from these first 3 rules!
Tip #4: If you wake up in the morning and your lower back is killing you-this is the likely culprit. Your disk fill to their max with fluid overnight. If you have one pressing against your spine it will be the most painful in the morning when you stand. Once you move around some that fluid will gradually leak out making it less painful for you. Before you get out of bed lay flat on your back. Bring your knees up and roll from one side to the other with your knees. This will make the fluid empty some before you stand and it will not be so painful.

I hope this helps someone else. I know working on crafts we are always stooping or sitting or crawling around on the floor at times and we punish our backs a lot. God Bless!


  1. Thank you for beginning a follower to my blog! I like so much to have friends overseas :)) And thank you also those useful tips. I have also terrible back aches in my lower back couple times a year..

    Have a nice Wednesday!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I hope both your back and your computer are better soon!


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