Friday, July 3, 2009

I got a bunch of old forks at the last auction I went to and I have been pondering what to make out them. I took this one and made a silly pin out of the old fork. I cut it off and then curled the teeth. Then I added the baby face. I glued the small bail to dangle a soldered charm off of it. I want to put something cute or funny in the soldered charm to go with the crazy haired baby face. I just have not thought of the right words.

I also found these bracelets in a local discount store and plan to add some really neat charms to them.

Both photos seem to have a gold cast (I took them with my cell phone camera out of pure laziness!) in reality they are both silver.

My friend that I stayed in NOLA with sent me a link to a website that sales tourist jewelry and I got the idea that I could take my sign photos that I took and shrink them down to tiny little charms for these bracelets. I think I'll do a photo tour around Kansas City and see if I could make something like that for my own area and maybe sale to some local merchants. I'm not very good with the whole business end of things or being a sales person. I wish I had a mentor that could take me by the hand and direct me as to what to do and how to do it, then I would have more confidence. I hope to have an Etsy store soon. I have a 3 day weekend so I'm going to try to get my computer all back to normal and that will be a good start.

I found some new blogs to follow too and I love checking in on everyone! Such wonderful artist in our world!

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