Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chicken Festival

Today my sister & I traveled to "our" 2nd annual chicken festival. I call it a festival she calls it a chicken swap but it's like nothing I have ever experienced and not for the squeamish. ;) They actually have them 3 times a year but fall seems to be our best time to go.

It's in a very small town in Missouri and there are tons of chickens, birds, rabbits, mice, reptiles, dogs, cats, goats, etc. They are all for sale. Lots of puppy mill puppies I would say which is very, very sad. Plus lots of junk (and I mean junk for the most part, although if my hubby would of went he would probably say otherwise since there seems to be a lot of tools and such). There is also a TON of people and some of them are pretty entertaining. I went last year because my sis was chicken shopping. This year we just went because we had fun last year. I bought some skeleton keys again this year from a nice man. Sometimes I just "feel" the good in people. He is one of those people. To look at him, he may seem scary...he was a bit unkempt, missing some teeth, wild hair but very gentle in spirit. I promised him I would be back next fall to buy more keys from him so he is going to be on the lookout for the small, interesting one's I like. That is sweet to me because he was very sincere.

We also travel through another tiny town that has an amazing store-it's very expensive but has the most creative pottery. It's an Italian artist that married a Mexican Potter and they produce some beautiful work together. I fell in love with these birds (which is just one of many sculptures they create) Last year I bought this one:

this year I bought this one! Isn't he adorable?!

We stopped at a couple of garage sales along the way. This sale had a barn that was falling apart and when we were walking back to the car I notice the falling boards made a perfect cross if you looked at it from the right direction. I grabbed my camera and LOVE this picture!
The sky is NOT photo-shopped at all! This is just how pretty it was today!


  1. It looks like a wonderful, fun day!

  2. I just love those birds...And your picture from that falling barn is amazing!!!

  3. I have always dremt to have a sister ( I have one brother, 5 years older than me) So I'm so happy that I have now a "sister" overseas ;))


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