Sunday, October 11, 2009


I wish I could get more sleep. I feel tired most of the time and I have always hated those dark circles that belong to my face. Valentine has been whining at my bedside since around 4:30 am CTS. I get up, let her out, and she still whines. She just wants me UP for no good reason. I am up now, blogging, while the little brat sleeps at my feet! I know someday I'll miss her little whines but today I would just like some more zzzzz's.

I am going on a trip! My husband & I will fly out this Wednesday to go to New Orleans to stay a couple of nights with my friend Robin and her husband. We hope to do a little fishing and just laugh a lot! (maybe sleep too!) Then on Friday we are renting a car and driving the coast line to Florida where on Sunday, a good friend of mine that I work with, is getting married on the beach there. She asked me to go and take her wedding pictures and she is paying our hotel rooms for doing it. I have done several weddings but they are not my favorite shoot. I always worry that I might screw up and not get that all important picture, like the kiss or something. This will be my first beach wedding so I hope the sunset is perfect, there is just a slight breeze, and that my photos will turn out great and my friend will be happy! We will all be swimming with the manatees on Monday together so I also hope that my underwater camera functions as it should so I can get some amazing photos of us with those giant, gentle, beast. We will be back in Missouri on Tuesday. Then I will have some photos to blog about!


  1. Have a great and memorable trip!

  2. Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy, try to sleep enough and don´t worry about the wedding too much!

    hugs from Minnamarika


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