Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

16 years ago this was my Valentine's Day present from my wonderful husband.  Best gift I have ever received, no question. 

Over the years Valentine has taught me a few things about life. 

1.  With life, there will be an occasional accident.
2.  It's okay to eat on the carpet.
3.  Always forgive.
4.  Sometimes your too excited to wipe your feet, even if they are muddy.
5.  Kisses do make you feel loved. Even if there is slobber involved.
6.  At times be willing to endure the things you dread, there is always a treat for you in the end.
7.  Exercise is more fun in pairs. 
8.  Food is a good thing always.
9.  You can grow old gracefully.
10.  Love each other with all your heart and all your soul because life is short and time is precious.


  1. Wow - 16 years of joy from one speical gift! I love your list, pet do teach us alot. Have a great Valentine's Day and give Valentine an extra treat today. :)

  2. Oh my - Valentine is just such a darling!


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