Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sorry I've been a lousy blogger lately

I've been tired.  Working too much at work (10 hour days are killing me!), then they send homework home which is like reading a book and doing a book report on it (like highschool).  I babysit when I can.  I've been moving all my arts/crafts/sewing supplies from the upstairs to the basement. (Big chore!) I have helped my mom with a house "project" that is just going to require time.  I get a regular pop-in visitor at least twice a week who stays a minimum of one hour. (not always ideal) I have helped my husband load up a bunch of chopped, heavy, ice and snow covered wood.  To top all that off I fell down a flight of stairs a couple of days ago and luckily nothing is broken but I'm so darn sore! My back is screaming at me and sitting in this computer chair only compounds that pain. 

My blog is suffering, I know.  Please forgive me.  I'm too mentally fatigued to come up with anything and my body is aching to much to sit and type it all down.  I have not even been reading my usual fav's!!  Now that is TIRED!  So give me a week from today to get back on top of things and hopefully my blog will be something, someone, somewhere will want to read.

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  1. Rest up, find your balance again and then come back...we'll be here. :)


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