Monday, February 15, 2010

Just a house

Yesterday we wasted much of our afternoon driving around looking at houses for sale.  Seems my step-brother will be moving back to MO and so we tried to aid in the search.  We found this charming little home for $108, 000.  It sits in a really old part of Independence called Golden Acres.  In fact, there is a home there that used to be the home of Harry S. Truman's lawyer and it is splendid! We know who lives there and they paid over $400,000 for that house.  One day I hope to go and photograph several of the homes in that area.  Maybe in the spring when the trees have leaves and the grass is green and the flowers are in bloom. 

This home needs a ton of work and that is just from viewing the outside.  The paint is peeling, the back steps are rotted away, the roof needs replaced and the driveway is sunken and needs built up.  But it has SO MUCH potential.  I wish I had the money to buy it and make it a project.  It would be so fun to finish it all up and see how pretty it could be once again.  And no telling how many cubby holes and secrets this house holds.  It is really old and just sits in a beautiful location to have been so forgotten.  Unfortunately it's condition is too poor for my brother to take on at this moment.  They need something "move in ready".  I just wanted to share it's quiet beauty, maybe you will see again sometime in the spring when I go to photograph the neighborhood. 

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