Monday, July 19, 2010

I think American's are fatter because of air conditioning.  Today it was HOT here in Missouri.  Heat index around 110°.   To think we are blaming McDonalds to!
 If we were not sitting in our cooled offices or perfectly cooled homes it would be too darn hot to eat! Those of you that work outside in this weather may relate to what I'm saying!  I remember as a little kid going outside under the huge shade tree and having watermelon.  Certainly that was healthier than what I do now! 

Usually I come home and stay inside (where it's nice and cool) and snack while sitting at the computer.  
 Besides cental air or air conditioning making us fat, (I don't want to take all the blame for my lack of self control and limited exercise!) it keeps us inside away from the neighbors.  That may be a good thing for some of us, but then again, maybe not.  Your relations might be better if you sat on the porch and had a conversation.  Shared some lemonade even. 

We are spoiled.  I, for one am,  anyway.  And I'm totally over-fed (self-induced of course).  We would all be thinner if it wasn't for electricity because we would be working twice as hard just to do the little things in life.  I found this website & liked it.  Maybe you will too. 

If I didn't have indoor pets I think I would try the "diet" of leaving the air off at home during the summer and see if I lose weight.  Maybe someday I will do that and blog my results. (I would still have air conditioning where I work though so it would only be a partial test)    I won't make my awesome critters suffer however so as long as they are alive I'll be comfortable...and possibly chubby too. :)

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