Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mowing Observations

Today I mowed our yard for 2 hours.  I like to mow with the exception of one thing.  Why don't they make a bra for women who mow?  Or better yet design a tractor with better shocks and suspension?  That's all I have to say about that. 

Otherwise, it's a good time to just watch nature, concentrate on not overturning the tractor and enjoy the day.   Today I even got the chance to mow in a slight summer rain- barely sprinkled but cooled everything off.  It was so enjoyable!  The rain seemed to piss off the bugs though...they started dive bombing me and landing in my hair and on my legs.  Plus I was a tiny bit wet so it made them stick.  yukky.  One got really stuck in my hair, that kind of freaked me out until I managed to get ahold of it and pull it out (along with some of my hair).  Besides the uncomfortable bounciness and the bugs there was much to enjoy!  Honest.  

I had a deer that walked right out in front of me and just slowly walked on it's way.  I seen a snake.  Several snake doctors or dragon flies as some people call them.  I saw some beautiful wild flowers.  Tiny purple butterflies.  Baby poison ivy.  In fact, I was tempted to take a picture of it because it was really quite lovely.  A squirrel that is getting into our old pickup truck and stealing the stuffing out of the cushions.  I would like to catch him in a photo as well.  Several tiny little tree frogs (I guess they are tree frogs even though they were in the grass hopping away from the tractor). 

The forest is so dark.  Here it was middle of the day in the middle of summer and the open area is all lit up and then the forest is so black!  It was alittle scary and intimidating.  I felt small out there.   I love the woods and love living in them all the same. 

We also have a pesky ground hog or giant dinosaur size mole.  The mounds it is leaving in our yard are bigger than my dog!  Have you seen Tremors? Seriously, I thought something would rise up out of those mounds any minute!  Whatever it is, it is really ruining our yard.  Does it ever get around too!!(or we have multiples). I bogged down the tractor on a couple of those mounds! 

So I thought I would tell my husband that I mowed today since apparently he didn't notice and it's a job he usually does.  He didn't say thank you (yet, anyway) but he did ask me if I hit the garage doors with the roll bar on the tractor getting it in and out.  Nope.  He also said he hoped I didn't leave muddy stops where the tractor would slide.  Yep.  I also confessed to running into a tree stump that I didn't know was there and it almost "killed" the tractor.  He didn't like the sound of that. He also said I should of raised the blades to mow over the mole mounds.  oops.   I enjoyed it more than working today though.  Next time maybe I'll mow and take my camera.

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