Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to get more Fonts for your computer

I had a large amount of fonts stored in my computer when it crashed a while back. I had to reload several that I like and thought it would be good knowledge to share with anyone that doesn't know how to do it. (I operate on Windows program.) Here are some examples of fonts that I downloaded from . As you can see, some of them are symbols. There are tons of things to choose from. It is fun to look at all of them. The names are actual titles of each font.
Here are the steps. Go to a site that offers free fonts. Here are a few that I have used but all of the above fonts were taken from dafont.
When you find a font you like you click the download button to extract the fonts to your PC. I choose to load all of mine on my desktop.
Step 2. Open the file on your desk top. Click extract and type in C:\windows\fonts and hit next. It's that simple! Once I store them into fonts I delete the files off my desktop.
The fonts will usually say "for personal use only" but not all of them. It works out good for me since I take senior pictures for free I use the different fonts to add text the kids would like. Hope this helps someone. Enjoy!

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