Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Shower Success!

I had Brandi's baby shower for her yesterday. It was a great success and I'm so relieved, considering there was a lot of tension leading up to this event. Being a step mom I often feel left out and taken for granted. Long story and I will bore you with all that some other time. She was very gracious yesterday and I'm glad I had added some special touches because I think she noticed them and appreciated them. I do love her very much and I am excited to be a Grandma. I only wish things could be different in our family. Maybe someday they will.....

It was great seeing all my family and friends. My little niece brought her beautiful baby daughter. She reminds me so much of a pixie doll. She is just so adorable! Those big 'o eyes!!
I wanted to share those special touches I did for the shower since I worked so hard on them and maybe someone else will want to try them for a future baby shower they may have.

I made a bird mobile. I got the templates from
Martha Stewart and printed them on scrapbook paper and cut them out and stamped them. They did turn out very cute but were more work than I thought they would be! Brandi asked me if she could have them so that made it all worth it! I also had taken a few photos and printed them on computer cloth and then sewed them to some of the onsies. I decorated the living room with the baby onsies, like a clothes line. Everyone really liked that! I even had a photo of Valentine on a onsie! I also took the Bess Truman Pudding recipe from my earlier post and multiplied it times 7 and made individual servings! I miscalculated how much to fill each cup and all of them overflowed into my oven! What a sugary mess that was!! (fortunately, it wiped right up while it was still hot) What was left in the cups still tasted good. I found some silicone bear cupcake holders and those worked great for the individual serving dishes and they were cheap too. Since Brandi is suppose to be having a boy, I found these candy coated chocolate chips and they made a perfect decoration. They are all in primary colors and look like little game pieces to me! I also found some individually wrapped "it's a boy" mints and put them into a pretty light blue glass container. She took that home as well. :)

On another note I got the most darling little purse from Karri from the Daily Be. It really made my week! Look at the cute little tag with her Etsy store name! I love it! Thank you Karri!


  1. You have done amazing work!! You are very generous and loving person <3

  2. hello,you are very good ,my name is martin


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