Monday, August 17, 2009

What a "charming" weekend!

I worked really hard this weekend on making charms & jewelry for the craft show in November. It is really difficult to determine how much to have at the show since it will be my first. I got a good start but still have lots of work ahead of me. I guess whatever I don't sell will force me to do an Etsy store, one of my long time goals, that I've yet to accomplish.

I made 110 of these Christmas charms so far. I still need to solder them.

I have hours of soldering work to do as I also have a bunch of ear rings ready to solder and put together as well. (I keep making ear rings but then I keep giving them away, guess I need to quit that!) I only have 3 pair ready to sell so far!

I really like how these grungeboard charms have turned out. I added some beads to dress some of them up a bit.

This is a bracelet I linked together.

I have been using up some of my auction finds by attaching charms to the vintage pearl necklaces.
I also took this little wooden pig that was in a box of "junk" from an auction and I made it some wings. Just playing around but he is alittle cutie. I will take him to the sell too. That will make it more interesting to see if piggy will find a home or not.


  1. What a beautiful pieces of art have you created!!! I just love them all!
    Hugs, Minnamarika

  2. Those charms look fabulous!!
    Now all we need are some Christmas magnets and some ornaments and some more earrings and and and
    Nic xx


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