Sunday, March 7, 2010

VooDoo Hex is lifted!

Now that my VooDoo Hex has been prayed away and winter is warming it's way into Spring I can find my blogger voice once again!  Plus my art room is done and I'll soon post pics and possibly create something even! I'm ready, Time willing....

I believe Mr. C will have blue eyes.  They are starting to show the slightest hint.  And he is teething.  He still has the Hitler hairstyle.  Or Squiggy from Lavern & Shirley  lol(tv sitcom).  His mommy says she is not cutting his hair until after his 1st birthday.  That could get interesting, especially if it's a fast grower.  I love this picture, he looks like he is going to whistle!  "Pssssst, where's my bottle?"
On another note I visited the Home & Garden Show in Kansas City last weekend.  Dr. Lori was there.  She is an antique appraiser.  She gave some good advise.  Did you know that anyone can be an antique appraiser?  Even you or I!  You don't have to have any special education or degrees and you don't have to even take a test.  You just pay your money and boom...your in a new line of work as an antique appraiser.  Well, as you can imagine a lot of folks are losing money because of this.  She is trying to change the laws so not just anyone can appraise antiques.  Dr. Lori has a masters in Art History and she used to do museum work.  She quit to go around and just educate people on what they have.  She said she went to a garage sale and a woman had a platinum with real gem stones ring for sale for $10.  She went to the lady and told her what she had and said it's worth $5000.  The lady said, "no it's not, it's costume jewelry".  lol.  She was convinced before the day was over.  I took an old art picture I have that was my Grandma's to her appraisal show.  I found out it's only worth $30, a very old dot matrix print.  If you look thru a loop you can see the dots. Dots are not good for collecting art I guess.  Who knew? She has a website if you want to sign up for her newsletter.  She showcases finds from on-line places that are posting things of value really cheap. 
It was an interesting show anyway.  If she comes to your town I recommend you go and take something for her to appraise.  It was free and it was fun! 

Thanks for hanging in here with me!  You guys are great!  I've been trying to catch  up on all the reading of blogs I've missed over the last couple of weeks.  Wonderful inspiration BTW. :)

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  1. Glad you had a good time with me at the Kansas City Home Show. It was a fun time for me too. I met cool people, appraised neat stuff, and laughed. No better weekend than that, I say.
    Hope to see you again! Keep in touch at or at
    Happy Spring


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