Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Material Things

I have a tiny few material things in my life that make it so much easier.  I thought I'd share them with you in case you could use one or more of my findings.
  1. Blank journal:  I keep a journal beside my computer and write down web addresses and my user name or log in information and passwords.
  2. Dyson Hand Vacuum:  This is the best invention ever!  It is a beast, sweeping up anything I need it for but I mostly grab it for a cat hair cleaning mission on a daily basis.  It's not like regular hand vac's that lose power after the first 30-60 seconds.  It goes full steam ahead for a full 6 minutes and takes only an hour to recharge.  Empting the contents was never easier either!  I wish I could buy one for everyone....the downside-the price.  It is expensive and I see they have gone up almost $100.00 since I purchased mine 4 years ago.  I'd have to say, even with the price increase I'd buy another in a heartbeat if mine broke!
  3. Diaper Bag:  If you a photo enthusiasts like me then you want your camera with you when your traveling.  A diaper bag is a great way to keep it out of the eye of thieves.  I bought a lined one so it would be waterproof, and the little cubbies for bottles and whatnot's are perfect for lenses, filters, ect. I have left mine in plain sight in the car before and no one bothers it.  I've left it sit on the beach while I swim and no one messes with it.  Maybe I've just been very lucky but I've been using it for over 3-4 years now and it seems to work great, no one even questions where the baby is.  lol
That is my tiny list.  Enjoy your day! 

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