Monday, March 29, 2010

Valentine mischief

Yesterday Valentine pee'd on the floor THREE times!  I don't know what is with her.  She has went forever without doing this.  Thru all the snow and nasty weather even! Now Spring is approaching and she is urinating inside?  I don't get it.  Guess I'll have to get a urinalysis on her and make sure she is not getting sick.  My carpet will be ruined at that rate.  My husband has a heart attack at ONE time so I've managed to clean up and hide the last 2 incidences so we don't have to watch his conniption fit. lol  At least we put a pet proof pad under our carpet when we built the house as I knew my pets would all be geriatrics soon and I foreseen this problem. (almost 20 years of experience listing to others complain about potty problems I guess!)

I've been keeping her right beside me today.  The mischievous thing is I have never, ever caught the little prankster in the act.  She follows me around like a shadow all the time but somehow still manages to occasionally wet on the floor. And I swear she goes out a 1000 times a day and has always drove us crazy that way!  When we are not home she stays in my bedroom and has never once wet on the floor in there. I know she is old but she still acts like a pup most the time so I'm not going to let her blame it on her age.  ha.  We'll see if I agree when I'm that old.  I even ask my kids to take their shoes off before walking on the least they don't pee on it!!  I feel better for venting anyway, thanks for listening!

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  1. Ah, I hope your little pup is ok. Maybe it is the Spring weather that makes her pee in the house.
    Dogs and cats do go a bit odd and crazy around Springtime!
    Valentine, looks like a lovely dog and very cute.
    Happy Holidays.
    Best wishes.


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