Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy Heart

Jim and I seen the movie tonight and I really like it.  He was grossed out that a young "hottie" would go for such an older, not all put together, man which was kinda funny.  I really like Jeff Bridges and I'm so glad he won for his role in this movie.  I loved it.  I liked the music too but I like so many different types of music. 

We both really like to watch movies, whether they are on the big screen or on a DVD, TV, etc.  I often think about them afterwards. Sometimes they disturb me.   Sometimes I smile and wish everyone's life could seem so easy.  Sometimes I think of what I would of done differently to make the movie better. lol.  Tonight after we left the show I was thinking...this movie was really pretty true to life.  Women do often go for that kinda guy.  One they know will be horrible for them.  And why is it that some dad's don't have anything to do with their own children but act like someone else's child is a real treasure.  His character had not talked to his son in 24 years, made one phone call and the son didn't want to meet so that was it.  Then he gave the girlfriend a big'o whappin' check to give her son when he turned 18.  Just weird our world works like that sometimes.  Maybe that's why they called this movie Crazy Heart?? 

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