Sunday, April 11, 2010

Etsy Earring Photos

1st photos 023  I took these earring pictures for my future Etsy store.  On Etsy there is room for 5 photos and most advise comments I’ve read says to use all 5 photo spots.  I’m thinking I’ll have to really get create to think of how else to photograph my things to get 5 views!  Maybe with a ruler next so people can gage the size of them?  1st photos 021I do love this old book and have used it in numerous pictures.  I’ve made a very small dent in the process of getting an on-line store going.  It’s way more work than I initially envisioned! I still have a ton of merchandise that I have created to photograph, describe, and figure a price on it in order to post and get the store up and running.  1st photos 024
I would love any comments from those of you that read my blog or have stumbled onto it and have already done this process.  Thanks!


  1. Don't get too overwhelmed with starting the store. I checked out other store's prices, policies and descriptions for products like mine and then changed them to fit me and the way I wanted to do things - but they gave me starting points. I also came up with a general description of many products and would simply change the key details (color, size...) for the specific product listing so I didn't have to start over for each one. Take it one step at a time - it will be great!

  2. Beautiful earrings!!! And I love the contrasts on those pictures ( is the backround old wood?)

    All the best for your Etsy shop and happy week!!


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