Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My husband built this deck off the back of our home almost completely by himself! It is amazing.  He is so handy.  I like to do art but that guy can really do anything he sets his mind too!  He likes to tell me how spoiled I am....well, I guess I can't argue that one!  I'm hoping to get some nice photographs of some wildlife from this high up beauty!  Just had to share!


  1. What an amazing deck!!! You lucky girl!!! Your husband really is very talented!! ( Your house looks also georgeous ) Can´t wait to see more pictures of the house, and the landscape from that beautiful deck...And the nature looks like you already have a summer there!

  2. An amazing decking - your hubby should be very proud of his work!!!

  3. Wow that's stunning - I bet he got extra hugs and a good steak dinner!!
    Has Valentine found his new sun deck yet? :)
    Nic x


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