Thursday, September 3, 2009

Valentine inspiration

I really adore this little dog. She tolerates my surfing the net as she runs in and out of my office begging for attention. As you can see, she lays in front of the fridge, hopeful that someone will come along and give her a "snack" She LOVES baby carrots or apple slices, but she will eat anything, with the exception of American cheese. I swear, I need to get that on video because it is hysterical! She literally makes a face and spits it out!
One of the doctors at my work is going to give me some of those old style metal chairs and I think I'm going to paint a picture of Valentine on one of them. I think she said she had 4 or 5 of them that I could have. How great is that!?! I could paint a doggie picture of every dog I ever owned. They could each have their own little chair. Then if you came to visit I could offer you a seat in the "Buddy chair" or the "Poochie chair" or the "Duke chair" or the "Valentine chair". I would then have a fun doggie chair porch and Valentine can take the credit for it all!


  1. Mackey loves to lay like this! Aren't furry friends such a blessing? They bring such joy! Happy Holiday weekend!

  2. Valentine has excellent taste in cheese...maybe I should send you some good old fashioned Wensleydale ;)


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