Saturday, September 5, 2009

A great gift idea

I know if your like me, you usually try to make handmade gifts. If I really care about someone I want to give them a piece of me and so I try really hard to make them something I think they will like. I don't always get the response I want, especially if I made something that really took a large amount of time and effort to create. I just want to "light someone up" with joy and if they don't seem to excited it's a let down. This year I'm doing something different! Less time and effort on my part but OH, SO GOOD!!
My dear old friend that travels the world and always brings me back the perfect gift from where ever he goes brought me some jelly last year after traveling to Canada. It truly was the best tasting stuff I think I have ever eaten!! It was Strawberry & Grand Marnier Preserve
and it was delicious!! I needed a few gifts for birthdays in September and October so I thought I would order my friends some of this delicious jelly. It's made by the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company. After shopping their website and getting ready to check out I realized that if you buy 24 items then you get free shipping. That would be like $40 in free items! So, I have officially started my Christmas shopping because I did buy 24 items! I highly recommend this company's products. If you are wondering what to get that certain someone, who is always a challenge to buy for (for instance, my father in law), they will be amazed and filled with yummy joy over this!! :)

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