Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lose yourself to laughter

I love this photo of me taken last night at my friends bridal shower/party. I was laughing so hard I couldn't see, trying to catch my breath and desperately trying NOT to pee my pants! The silliness of friends, the joy of living, and being happy. Just cutting lose with the girls, joking, being stupid, immature and totally inappropriate can be SO FUN! It gives you that break you need from the seriousness of life so that you don't have to think about anything else at that moment. I cherish these kinds of moments in my life. I have the best family & friends anyone could ask for and I love to lose myself to laughter when I'm with them. Now...if I could just remember what was so funny.... lol


  1. I love that picture of you too!!
    It's shows you for the wonderful warm person you are :)
    nic x

  2. I love it! A great reminder not to take life or ourselves too seriously!


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