Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Charms ready to be soldered. This is a joke between my sisters and me so I made a 1st Born, a middle child and the above. If they don't sell my sisters will be getting one for Christmas! lol I am the middle child BTW.
One of 15 hats (all different & very cool!) that will be in my show next Sunday. My little sister can really sew!
I soldered several earrings. I figure if they don't sell at the show I'll post on Etsy and if I can't sell them there I will have a variety to choose from for myself! :) This doesn't show real well since I took all these photos with my cell phone. I added charms to several things so that I can display them at my booth.

A fishing charm on a cutting board.
He loves me, loves me not charm.

I'm going to fill this empty Starbucks bottle with gumballs. If I don't sell it it's going in my office. It has a crying baby on the front and "waah waah". This is a blurry closeup of a vintage postcard charm and a cool old bottle from the Goodwill store.

A better view of the above mentioned bottle and charm along with a sprig of tree with Christmas charms on it. I think it will make a good display. I'll take better pictures with my camera when I get more organized. Just wanted to give you a glimpse of what I have been up too..


  1. hey! just discovered your blog though my blog. :) :)
    beautiful charms!!! i'm amazed at how you make them. i'm very impressed! :)

  2. Wow, you make fabulous charms!

    I'm your ornament swap partner, so I just wanted to stop over and say "Hi". I'll be getting an ornament out to you very soon.


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