Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ready for the Holidays

My craft show is over. Not a huge money making success but I did get to spend 2 full days with my buddy Chriss (we did it together) and I met a new friend there named Candice which is priceless. Guess I'll get busy now and photograph what I have left and create an Etsy account. I also will get my Christmas charms in the mail for all my blog followers who responded to my last post and one to my ornament exchange friend in Pennsylvania! I just think that is so fun! Can't wait to see my ornament. I came home last night to this giant box and my first thought was that she had sent my ornament already, and my 2nd thought was "my gosh, it's huge." (the box was pretty good size.) Then I seen the return address and it was from my Aunt Nancy. I had taken Senior pictures of her son about a year ago when my uncle was out of work and they were struggling with money. Her and my uncle have both been working for a few months now so she sent me a really awesome leather Relic purse and a Thank You card. I was very, very surprised and thought that was so sweet of her to do! Made me smile big! :)
I didn't get to babysit my little grandson on Friday because of the show but I did have him for a few hours on Thursday. He is starting to get a fuller face. Can't wait until he starts interacting with me and actually smiling! I'm glad I'm so in love with him because we see him alot.
We are still having to fork out the funds for almost all of his mommy's bills which I totally do not agree with but have just kept my feelings to myself as talking to my hubby about them doesn't seem to do any good. She has a fairly new car that she has not been able to afford for since January. I wanted the car to be put up for sale and help her by getting her a good cheap used car. Instead my husband keeps paying the car payment, the insurance, the tickets she keeps getting and whatever maintenance arises. We could of bought her a great used car with all that money we have forked over. That all just makes me sad. I was a single mother for 6 years and I worked my tail off, never took welfare or got child support and didn't borrow money. I did without all the extras. She is living with Coltons dad who really doesn't seem to help her and she is not motivated to better herself to find decent work. They just installed satellite when they are struggling with money. The whole things makes me angry. Sorry, just had to vent. Guess I'll sign off and start looking for my turkey recipe!


  1. Hi stacey!!

    Looks like you really enjoyed the craft show with your friend. A large table full of beautiful things! wish I could have been there too.I really agree what you wrote about the mom of your grandson...I have been single mother too, and I know just what it is.

    Have a nice week my friend!

  2. Wow, what gorgeous things! I wish you had made some more money, but at least you had fun.

    I just wanted to let you know that I'm mailing your ornament today, and sadly it's not a big package, lol. I hope you like what I made for you, and that you get it in the next week or so.


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