Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shop Cat

This little girl was in a jewelry shop in New Orleans. I love the look on her face. Total indifference. A "just don't bother me" look. I paused outside the door long enough to capture this photo.

This past weekend we went on a haunted tour of the Marshall house & jail on the square in Independence, MO. It was very interesting! I didn't realize how much trauma went on there in the past, especially around the civil war days. It was creepy, since we were there at night and the only light was a flash light. Besides all the ghost stories our guide did say that tourist will frequently see a cat in the house curled on a bed, perched on a window seal or just strolling around like it owns the place. A cat haunting......now that is my kind of haunting! (No litter box to change) lol

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