Monday, May 31, 2010

Drive-In Movies

Missouri, USA. 

We don't have mountains-unless you count the Ozarks.

We don't have oceans or really many beaches.

But bye-golly we have drive in movies!  At least in the Kansas City area.   The Twin Drive In. 

Last night my hubby and I loaded up our old pick up truck and went and seen Price of Persia & Alice in Wonderland.  (Both really excellent movies I might add!)

These are not well crafted photos of our intermission but I only had my cell phone and with the dark night it just didn't take well.  (Who takes a camera to the movies anyway?) They are still using the 30+ year old intermission cartoons or so it seems.  It was so fun.  We had such a cool breeze, our own drinks and snacks (including popcorn!).  We had pillows and blankets.  I loved every minute of it. 

I grew up going to this same drive in theatre.  I actually seen Clint Eastwood here in most of his "spaghetti westerns"as a child.  I had went on dates here in my teenage years.  (don't let your daughters do that, your asking for trouble, lol)  While my kids were growing up we took them many times.  Lots of fond memories!

Drive in movies are a dying venue.  If I had the money I would love to own this one. 

Check out this link if you are interested in Drive-In Movies.  It tells you how many there were in past years and shows the decline.


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  2. Coolio - I've always loved the idea of a drive in movie (we don't have them here)
    Would also love to go to a carpark restaurant, the sort with waitress ladies in scarves on Rollerblades (don't have them either)
    Nic xx


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