Sunday, May 9, 2010


You know, neither one of my grandmothers ever learned to drive. I really stopped to think about that the other day when I spotted an older lady driving a car. I wonder how much different their lives would of been if they had learned to drive.

Have you ever thought about it for your own life?

Along with some headaches, (speeding tickets, car tags and licenses, insurance, car payments, etc) driving does give you an amount of freedom. The freedom to pick up and go. To travel great distances in all kinds of weather. My paternal grandma would have to wait for someone to drive her to the grocery store. There was a town store for most of her life that she could walk to but the big grocer was about 7 miles away. I can just picture my uncles or my grandpa telling her to hurry up and not letting her just take her time to shop. My material grandma had to walk a few blocks to her local grocer but that was not until later in her life.  She raised 8 kids with no car.  I just think that would be so difficult.  No Wal-Mart’s for either of them. They had to get rides to the doctor or just to visit their grown kids.  However, I have to add, they both seemed very happy and satisified with life.  I really miss them now.

Can you imagine if your mom didn't drive? I can't imagine mine not driving. She is still working full time for one. I don't think she would enjoy asking anyone to do anything for her either. She is very independent and likes to do for herself as much as possible.

Mom's and Grandmas are really great aren’t they? The leave a thumb print on your person and help you become who you are. Sometimes that is good and sometimes bad. I bought mine a Mother's Day card that read, "Really good Moms give you wings to fly, really great Moms open the window for you first." Mine, was a window opener. 

I have a mug that says, "Oh No! I'm becoming my mother".     Maybe that is not such a bad thing.

Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. There are days when my husband takes my Jeep to work (sometimes for several days at a time) when it snows or his car is in the shop. It's then that I realize how much I depend on my own transportation and the first thing that we notice is that we have nothing to eat! It definitely takes some planning!


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