Monday, May 24, 2010

"Hey Mom, You C'mon??"

It's in the 90's this week in my part of Missouri, USA.  That equals HOT and HUMID!  Valentine was eager to take a walk with me this afternoon.  She has really been limping or hobbling as I like to call it.  She has become the "Happy Hobbler".  My doctors can not seem to find a problem.  Neck, shoulder, possible lyme's disease?  It's very odd.  She takes some pain medication morning and night and it helps to keep her going. 

Since she has been deaf (about 2 years now) she will constantly turn to look to see if I'm behind her or not.  I love that.  I often think DOGS allow us simple glimpses  into Gods own heart.  I can see Him turn as Val does and lovingly look to see if I'm still back here following Him. 

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  1. Can't believe howmany of your blogs I've missed
    (we got a new furbaby called BoB kitten and he's so cute).
    Amazing how how the time goes!
    Nic xx


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