Friday, February 27, 2009


I was not a big fan of Facebook. I only became a member a few months back because my friends daughter posted her baby pictures on it & sent me an email that I would need to join to see the pictures. So I did. All my kids do it and I never really seen too much value in it. BUT- just this weekend the most amazing things happened. Leading up to the weekend I have been getting "friended" by all kinds of my high school classmates. It's been great catching up. Well, I decided to look for some old photos to post and I ran across a picture of an old childhood friend that I lost touch with when I was 18. That was 24 years ago!! It was a Homecoming picture with her date and she had both of their names written on the back of the photo (first & last) so I thought maybe that was who she married. I search FB with her first name & his last name and lo & behold there was a match in CA. (Her family had moved to CA when she was in Jr. High and we continued to pen pal each other up until about the age of 18.) So, I sent a message asking if it could be my childhood friend AND I FOUND HER!!! She wrote me back and has been married for 23 years and has 3 kids and is a breast cancer survivor. AWESOME! The very same day a really great friend of mine that has been missing from my life for about 16+ years found ME on FB and we have been chatting on-line and today talked on the phone for almost 3 hours. She is living in New Orleans now & I can't wait to go and see her! What great blessings to me to have found so many important people in my life! I have a new outlook on Facebook now & would recommend it to never know who may enter back into your life!

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  1. I agree, Facebook has helped me connect with people from my past that I would have never had the chance to speak to again without it! Enjoy getting to know people anew!


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