Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No sugar!

Today is day 3 with no sugar. Me and 3 of my friends are giving it up for the month of February in hopes that it will curb our cravings, help us snack better, give us more energy, and maybe drop a few pounds. (The photo looks very luscious though! I took it in Myrtle Beach, SC a couple of summers ago during a Veterinary CE conference. It was a big picnic. That would sure be fun now if it wasn't only 9 degree's outside!) A friend of mine's father took sugar out of his diet and lost 20 pounds in a very short time! (That would be very nice). He said the first 2 weeks it was hard but after that your body adjust to it and you don't even want it. I can't imagine me not ever wanting it but February is a good month to try to do without. One, I won't be eating all the Valentine's Day candies and chocolates that flood our office, and two, Feb. is a very short month. :) Anyway, I'm sure I'll have temptations (like tonight my friend texted and said her husband made her brownies! I told her to be strong & eat an orange- like, yah right- who wants an orange when the brownie is right there in front of you!?) Wish me luck & will power! On a different note: Say prayers (lots of prayers!) as my son Cory is taking a 3 hour test for a fireman job soon. If he passes the test he has to go through a series of 5 interviews. Pray, pray, pray. I really feel like God has opened this door for him and it's been such a struggle to keep him positive & faithful. This is the 2nd step and I was so thankful he was chosen to test! Thanks to all who read this and lift him up in prayer! I'll be sure and "blog" any news! ;)

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