Sunday, February 8, 2009

A struggles list

I so often feel like I'm struggling with things in life so I thought I'd make of list of 10:

1. finding my voice- I often feel like I have so much to offer but I'm not finding the right medium to express my thoughts or convey my message.

2. excessive worry- mostly over my (adult) kids. I try to turn it all over to God but then they do something totally stupid and the worrying starts all over again!

3. My weight- I have not weighed since I stopped the sugar EIGHT days ago now! I've been doing good! I have been trying to be more active & today I tried a veggie burger for the 1st time. It was really good too. Seems like when I hit 30 everything I ate started staying with me....

4. getting annoyed over stupid little things- I don't know why I start feeling so crabby about the tiniest things sometimes. I have to really try to keep the focus on my thoughts that what I'm feeling irritated about is really NOT THAT BIG A DEAL! Maybe it's an early sign of menopause or something?? I don't know but some days are tough to smile through!

5. Getting enough sleep- Even when I have no caffeine I don't seem to be able to sleep much. I wake up for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they are not my fault- dog (wants on the bed, off the bed, outside, etc.), husband (snoring, moving around too much, keeping TV on until he falls asleep and then it wakes me up...), kids coming or going in middle of night (which makes the door alarm go "beep-beep" until I get up and shut it off!) I just would like to be comfortable & sleep!!

6. House-hold chores- I don't even want to do them. I have to MAKE myself. I think that is why I like to have motivates me to clean! ;)

7. Creativeness- I have sooooo many ideas that just swirl in my mind of "art" to make. I don't seem to have the time to get to accomplish much of them and then when I do create something, what do I do with it?! I have years worth of created "art" stored away and lots of 1/2 finished projects.

8. Not wanting to go to work: I love my "work" but I really do get too tired of so much. It's hard to describe, without going into all the details. That could be another list of 10 (or more!) for sure!! I am thankful I have a job....

9. Getting my butt to church- I really love my church. I get so much from the sermons, yet Sunday mornings seem to be the hardest day for me to "get going". I piddle too much and time gets away from me or I just feel way to sleepy so I dose off and on until the time is too late.

10. Saving money- you know this had to make the list. Seems like anytime you get the least little bit put back it's needed for something.

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