Thursday, February 5, 2009


My original photo- untouched. my photo after using Fabian's tutorial:I wanted to recommend a very good tutorial website for photoshop. You have to purchase the tutorials but they are really inexpensive & very, very helpful! I have never taken a Photoshop class so everything I know is self-taught using books, the Internet, & eventually Fabian's tutorials. I found Fabian Barajas a couple of years ago and have bought all his Photoshop for newbies as they came out . They are super easy to follow and have been a huge blessing! Here is the link:

My other "goal" is to take a class from Jim Zuckerman. His website is:
Sign up for his newsletter, you won't regret it! He has several classes: on line, in his home and all over the world. I'd LOVE to do the African Safari class someday but I'd have to hit the lottery! One day I may go to a photo seminar if he comes back to my area but for now I can dream. I'd also like to have the CS2 (at least) version of Photoshop but since I'm not a professional I'll have to make do until my hobby can support it's self.

I have learned a lot from as well. It's for all levels of photography and really gives tips on opening your own business. I'm not sure I'll ever go that route but it's good information. She has links to free tutorials, (that is how I found Fabian's website) and she also has a newsletter. I hope this helps someone. You will have to leave me a comment if you found any of it useful.

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  1. I love what you did with your photo! Thanks for the links and tips. I too want to get more into photography. I'm saving up for a digital SLR and class for this summer, but I am enjoying your links now. Jim Zuckerman's work is just amazing - so inspiring!


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