Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Weekend

It has been so hard for me to find the time lately to get create and think of something to write about for my blog. Sometimes I blame my husband as I will just get settled down to write something and he will complain about me being on this computer so I sign off and mindlessly watch TV with him. It really does annoy me at times, but I feel guilty if I am on the computer and it's bugging him... I could do more "blogging" in the morning but I have been very busy lately. Him and I do quite a bit together on the weekends. Dinner & a movie most of the time. If I'm not working, I'm having FUN. So I wouldn't trade that for anything! Friday I went with my girlfriends to lunch and shopping. My friend Brenda has to get a dress for her son's wedding so we looked. They are funny gals. Some of my funnest times include these silly girls. Yesterday I went to another auction with my sister. I got some amazing photographs and old postcards I'll be able to use for my charms. I love this picture here. I think it will make an adorable charm. I just need to think of a great quote or saying to put with it. I also got a chicken. It's really pretty funny how I came to "collect" chickens. I didn't do it on purpose but I guess I'm drawn to them now. My sister gave me a large embroidery picture that I framed with chicken wire. So before I moved here it was the focus of attention in my other kitchen so everyone just assumed I collected chickens and I started getting them from friends & family as gifts. Now I have a large collection. I couldn't turn this one away as I only paid $5 for her and she is old and adorable! I love her little purple bottom! I also got this neat honey jar (I'm guessing that is what it is since it has bee hives & bees all over it.)
I didn't realize it was chipped and thought I was only paying $2 for it but ended up paying $5 for it. Inexperienced auction goer that I am. But I was excited when I got it home and found that I may be able to use it as a mold for my PMC. Check out the detail. I especially love the bottom here as it's all indented with the bees & flowers. Now I just need to get some more clay. (Expensive hobbies) Maybe one day I'll make some money at them to help offset that! ;) Today me & my hubby will go to church & then to lunch. I'll go to the grocery store & I'm sure I'll have my little old friend visit this least I hope he comes in the afternoon as this evening I will be "vegging" in front of the TV having my own little Oscar party, popcorn & all!~

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