Sunday, March 8, 2009

God is AMAZING!!

My son went for his interview early Friday morning- this is a picture of him ready to walk out the door. He was so nervous, bless his heart! He left really early and that was a good thing because he got lost trying to find the location. He still made it there before his scheduled time and it was a whirlwind interview. He felt he did pretty good but they only gave the guys a quick 5-10 minute interview slot and then they would say "thank you" and shout out "next". Cory said he hoped that he made a good impression in that amount of time.

God is so great!! I have really been asking so many people to pray over Cory and the most amazing thing happened. Yesterday, which was Saturday mine you-the NEXT day after his interview, Cory got a letter saying Congratulations! He passed the Phase I interview process & will be going on to Phase II. That will occur the first week in April. I so appreciate the prayers of everyone, and as usual God went above & beyond my own imagination! I will keep everyone posted as this process moves along!

It has truly been a blessed weekend. Friday I took pictures and made a few extra dollars.

This is a photo of the couple from a distance.
This is a photo from the lake, same day.

After that I went to lunch with Cory & my sister and Cory's grandma from his Dad's side of the family. Shannon, Cory & Grandma Lou

Then my sis & I shopped. Friday night my husband I and decided to stay home so I worked on making some charms. My MESS! These are charms ready to be soldered. Most of the photos I used in the charms came from an auction.
I crammed so much into one day! Saturday I went to an auction. I love those. Watching the people there and what they bid on and just looking through the "collections of a life" from someone you never met is very interesting to me. It touches my heart most the time. I have encountered some amazing stories just talking to people (which I may blog about sometime) and I really enjoy just spending the day with my good friend that goes with me. Later Saturday evening my husband and I went to dinner and a movie. We came out of the movie and it was storming but it was very beautiful. Almost like the rain was falling in giant drops but in slow motion and the lightening was going across the sky instead of coming to the ground. We stood under the canopy and watched it awhile before making a break for the car and even that was FUN. Ha...I'm easily entertained!
Today is a new day! May yours be Amazing!

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  1. Wow - Stacey that is SUCH fabulous news,
    Getting through to the second phase from so many initial applicants is a HUGE deal all on it's own.
    Adding my prayers for the next phase too :)
    Nic xx


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