Friday, March 13, 2009

a LIST of inspirations

These are treasures, doodads or objects I've collected that inspire me:

  • photos, photos, photos! One's I've taken or antique photos from long ago. Web photos or photos in books & magazines.
  • Postage stamps- The art can be amazing!
  • Rubber stamps- Nice to have on hand for projects.
  • sea shells. Not only is the collecting FUN but they are all so unique!
  • Dog & Cat books. They are such a big part of my life!
  • Brushes, pens, colored pencils, paints, solvents, shoe polish, inks-you never know what you will need to make an "original"
  • House magazines- one of my favorites is Country Living
  • Boxes- I'm drawn to them! I like them in all shapes & sizes and made of wood, metal, paper, whatever.
  • Picture frames- I especially like the one's made of "odd" things- like metal, distressed wood, wire, beads, etc.
  • Fabrics- all I need to do for inspiration is go into any JoAnn's and cruise the fabrics. They are so beautiful! I only wish I knew how to sew better!
  • Artwork- I love looking at other people's art. Paintings, sculptures, sewing, jewelry, photography...some people are just so creative! They can come up with the neatest ideas!
  • Newspaper clippings- some of the ads are really artsy and I personally love the newsprint!
  • Paper- Beautiful papers, there are so many to choose from these days!
  • My bibles- I have all the bibles I've ever owned! Sometimes I just open it randomly and read what is written and that is all it takes to get my mind going again. I like reading my own notes through the ages beside the verses as well.
  • Quotes- I LOVE quotes! They are fun to make charms with and some are very, very profound! I like to decorate with quotes. In fact, at the vet clinic where I work I designed the exam rooms with a blackboard boarder and written in chalk around the ceilings are quotes about cats & dogs.
  • Books- Just take me to Barnes & Nobel or the local library! I can & do spend hours just looking!
  • Blogs- My newest love! Some people can write and their words just flow off the page and into my heart!
  • Old silverware- there are some beautiful and interesting patterns in old silverware & my love of auctions has taught me that most people really want to hold on to those old designs. Someday I plan to use them in some handmade jewelry.
  • Old keys- They are so intriguing! What did they use to unlock, why are they so decorative? I have a few and someday I'll create something using them...
  • Bits of stained glass or broken depression glass- I have a pile that is organized by color. They are all very pretty. The stained glass was given to me by someone getting rid of their collection, the depression glass I collected from a creek beside my grandparents home in Kansas. That was a lot of fun! Maybe this summer I can collect more! I made a mosaic picture frame using it and framed my photo of my grandparents home.
  • Old bottles! I love interesting bottles! You can solder a charm and hang it around the neck of an old bottle and you have a really neat gift to give someone.

I encourage you to think about what inspires you to make ART! I'd love to read it!

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