Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Weekend

I had a really great weekend. I drove to my older sisters house (an hour from mine) & took pictures of her grand kids. My little sister met me there so we all 3 were together for an afternoon!

She has 3 grand babies & they are so cute. We had fun posing the kids and they all played along great!

Even the dog did his part and wore the flower hat....ha Poor guy!

I got so see my Colorado friend & I gave her the charms I worked so hard on. She loved them. She put the bracelet on & the clasp broke before the hour was up! At least that was the store bought part and no fault of mine BUT if I ever want to sell my stuff I would worry about those types of things. Thankfully, I'll see her again on Tuesday and I'll be able to put another clasp on. This is a picture of me & her (her name is Stacey too).

I also made some great ear rings this weekend. I actually made this red pair, a blue pair and a white pair. They all turned out really good. Guess we will see if they stay together!
But it's been so wonderful to spend time with my family, my friends and I spent a lot of time with my hubby & my little dog Valentine AND I got to make art.

Someday, I hope my kids will slow down enough & maybe I can start spending time with them again! That was the only thing missing from my weekend. Hope everyone reading this one had a good weekend and maybe we all will have an even better week! God Bless!!


  1. What a great weekend - the Boxer doesn't look too chuffed with his hat, not like Valentine (the cutey!)
    Those grandkids are adorable - fab pictures too, not too posed and such a lot of family warmth shining through. I KNEW she'd love your charms! Glad you put the red pair up (reds one of my favourite colours :)
    God Bless
    Nic xx

  2. Your charms are really looking great and I LOVE the earrings. You really should look into selling your work! would be a great place to start! Have a great week!

  3. I loved the pics of Deb and the grandkids. What a great photo!



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