Monday, March 9, 2009

Valentine Gets A Bath

I remember taking 28 pictures on a roll of 110 film all of my cat Lamar when I was in 5th grade. ( I was pretending to be a photographer. ) My mom got so mad at me when she developed them and said, "I wouldn't of paid to develop these if I'd known they were all of that damn cat!". Well, I just had to remark that I had just as much fun taking 63 pictures of my dog, Valentine, getting a bath yesterday as I did that day all those years ago! You have to LOVE digital! Not sure I would of used a couple rolls of film on the event if I had to develop them but this way it didn't cost a dime and I was FREE to be as create as I wanted to be! Valentine was only a little humiliated in the process. :)


  1. Oh My Goodness - Valentine is such a little Bless....Ahhhhh hubby (Howard) and I are coooing over your pooch.
    Hubby wants to know what breed she is? Yaaay maybe I can work on him (nope reality says that I can't have a dog and will have to stick with skittles the cat, dogs are babies and cats are teenagers...we only have time for a teenager, lol)
    Valentine IS soooooo gorgeous, thank you for sharing your montage!
    Nic xx

  2. Ditto Nicola's comment on Valentine's cuteness! How did you do the photo montage? Was it with a specific program? I love it!


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