Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've been a busy girl!

I took my camera to work today. This is a very cute pregnant stray we caught in our parking lot. We will let her give birth and then try to find homes for the babies & her. She is very lovable! I wish I had more time to just take fun pictures like these everyday! :)

This little pup belongs to someone but I couldn't pass up his little worried expression.

It was a beautiful day yesterday and today! I went outside long enough to snap these photos and as you can see from my mess on the kitchen table, I have been busy with my "projects" indoors.

I made these charms for a friend that will be 40 next week. She sent me the pictures and I was going to do them all in a charm bracelet but the bracelet kept growing bigger & bigger...as it is I think it will be too big for her wrist, but I made it to where she can clasp it anywhere and let the rest dangle. I made a couple of pendents out of the other pictures since I couldn't use them in the bracelet. These charms took me forever since my glass supplier closed their doors this year. I had to cut and grind my own glass! Not fun and I really am not very good at it. Truth be told, if I had to sell this I wouldn't take less than $200.oo!! Ha ha. I have a lot of hours into it. I have a small D in PMC for a charm. I also made the little house from an old wooden Monopoly game and a very old book (copyright 1881-it is priceless for making charms-not worth too much on it's own.) I stamped the word LOVE into a pressed penny that was in some auction stuff and I made the wire circles. (first time for those-not the best job but looks okay-I'll keep practicing!) Anyway, I know she will like them and I had fun creating them for the most part (except for the GLASS CUTTING!)


  1. Wow! You have been busy. I love the charms and the photos of the animals. What a cool gift to give someone!

    There's a guy Lee knows from his Wordpress blogging seminars that has pictures of cats with crazy sayings on his blog. It's called www.icanhascheezburger.com (yes, it's a stupid name). The guy makes A LOT of money off this blog. As good of a photographer as you are, I bet you could do the same!

    Keep up the blogging and crafting...you are so good at it!


  2. WOW - You're such a great friend to take so much time over that fabulous bracelet AND all those charms too! Awesome stuff :0)
    That cat is just too darn cute, bet the kittens are darlings & will soon be re-homed.
    Love & Blessings
    Nic xxx


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